ZITCO Digital Marketing Company

About Us

ZITCO Group: A Digital Marketing Company

Promoting your business is our business.

We are a company, where all the passionate Digital Marketers are grouped together with each one excelling in their own interesting digital marketing strategy, standing firmly as a foundation for building a strong brand with one focus of success.

Our main aim is to see you reach beyond the competition. We are here to help you guide from baby steps to giant strides. With so many digital possibilities around, nothing is impossible to achieve in this digital world. 

Reaching the right person, giving them the right message at the right time is very important. With Digital marketing, targeting the right audience has been made simple. Once the right customer who is desiring your products or services as their solution is found, believe us we know how to make them understand that you are the one who they are looking for.

In Today’s competitive environment, the strength of any company or agency lies in keeping up the promises they offer. To us, the most valuable asset is our customer. We consider Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, this is our ultimate goal. Our job is to initially identify the drawbacks that you possess, make you the only one in the competition, thereby briskly find who is your real customer, give your customer a solution, that is you.

- Facebook Audience Building

- Social Media Marketing (SMM)

- Web Designing and Development

- Blogging and Content Marketing

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Marketing Automation

- Email Marketing

- Deep Marketing

- Funnel Building

- Growth Hacking

- Google Ads

- Facebook Ads

Our Digital Marketing Team has the proper skill and strategy to accomplish organizational goals in the most efficient manner. To reach the desired goal our creative resources team follows the finest marketing strategies to give life to elaborate every possible plan. 

Our team has a budding approach to engage with the audience through all available channels. Make them feel appreciated. Listen and learn from their experience. And turn that valuable feedback into ideas for potential optimization to build relationships and let the prospects and customers know their value.

They know how to use all the tools to use them in order to get the best results. All our team members are certified, experienced professionals. Our Content Creation Team possess the aptitude to think outside the blog, they have a good command of syntax, grammar, and spelling with creative and persuasive writing skill that has the ability to adapt businesses language and style. 

Our Manager/Leader is a strong communicator with Job-Function versatility who has marketing experience and proven leadership with highly organized skills.

Our SEO expert team has the ability to collaborate and execute SEO strategies, and also focus on new developing trends that are capable of result-driven and performance tracked.

Our Social Media expert Team possesses quick customer relationship-building skills, with an eye for monitoring brand perception online, and owns a lot of familiarity with various social media platforms.

Few of our team members are familiar and proficient in different Digital Marketing skills but at different levels of expertise. This way they can take up some tasks onto their plates, elevating the crisis when required.