Best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad

Why go for the best Digital Marketing Company when you have many other options available in the market?

Why is it rated the best?

What made it stand the competition when many startups started rising with updated and latest trends?

What services brought the ZITCO to who it is today?

Overview and the Outline:

This article describes the journey of ZITCO. How was it born? Why is it still the best? It will give you the answer to what made ZITCO the Best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad. The reason for choosing ZITCO over the competition. It also shares its success story, tips, and tricks to implement in your Digital Marketing Strategy so as to beat the never-ending competition. It can enhance your subject on implementing Digital Marketing Strategies for a Company. It helps you to maintain consistency in providing excellent services to the consumers with the greatest possible efforts. What services does the Digital Marketing Company offer in order not to lose the consumer to its competitor?

Problem Statement:

In the current day, many startups fail as they do not focus on quality. Every startup Company runs on aiming for growth. In this rat race of chasing for improvement, they tend towards either profit scale or taking too many contracts that are beyond their scope. They fail to focus on balancing so many things. To be successful in any business, one has to attain and execute every possible piece of work with utmost stability.

Whom is this article for?

  • People who wish to start their own Startup Company
  • People who are struggling to be successful in running a Company
  • People who are unable to maintain stability in maintaining their business
  • People who wish to know about the various services that rate you in the competition
  • People who are willing to learn success strategy


You might always come up with a few questions in your head when you have to pick one from the available options. One most important thing that every other person might compare is the WORTH.

Am I getting sufficient quality and quantity for what I am paying? This is what people expect when they spend their bugs on something. When one expects positive growth in their business arena, they must always concentrate heaps on providing the value that is worth the fare.


In fact, the success of ZITCO lies here, ZITCO team always provides valid services which are worth more than what the consumer paid for.

Usually, people have a notion that when you get something for a lesser price or if you are rewarded with anything more than what you have paid, they feel that the service might be of poor quality, but fortunately, ZITCO proved that wrong.


Yes! You read it right. This is the first and foremost asset you give to your customers: SATISFACTION. When they are satisfied with the value-added service from you, they not only appreciate you, they, in turn, spread a word about you to the community and become a loyal customer for you – today and every day throughout their life. This is what one has to keep in mind while you offer your product or service to any customer who so ever it is.


When coming to the successful history of “A Best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad- ZITCO”. The outstanding services we offer made our Company standstill undisturbed in every competing race. We never focus on being the best in the competition, we keep targeting on providing every possible service with utmost care and expertise.

What services do we offer? How do these services vary from other Agencies?

  • Facebook Audience Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Blogging and Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Deep Marketing
  • Funnel Building
  • Growth Hacking
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

We lay our entire efforts to maintain a consistent strategy for each service to give our consumer the most outstanding experience for choosing us. Below we provide a sneak peek of how our services are executed so as to give the best possible outcome.

Facebook Audience building

Facebook is the first choice for any marketer who is looking forward to creating an audience for businesses. The reason is Facebook has a huge database of its user’s information, so it becomes easier for marketers to target based on the information it has. But the underlying fact most of them fail to keep in mind is that people do not wander around Facebook with their intent to purchase. We build Facebook audiences with the most effective and efficient marketing strategies considering every minor thing so as to be unique and systematized.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing usually targets visibility, branding, and connectivity. How well your brand can perform well has many influential factors when dealing with social media. Why many fail to master?

  1. Lack of focus on social networks – First most important thing is to find out who is your actual potential customer, then find out exactly on which social networks are they hanging out with. When you know this data you can spend a required amount on that particular network rather than jumping on all other social media networks which is mere of no use. Focusing on a few social networks to create a strong presence where your customer is present is more important than chasing on all other social networks.
  2. No responsibility for executing social media activities Consistency is everything in implementing social media strategy, when it is little or no activity in social networks, your prospects will give you the least value to you, and jump to your competitor profile. When there is some exciting news about a company like some new strategic partner or some successful event happenings can be shared in your social profiles with the market.
  3. Daily tasks are not aligned with social media networks: The popularity of social media networks is its strength of relationships. You can’t just have a Twitter account and expect thousands of people to view your tweets and click on your links; it takes some time to build relationships with your clients. You need to have smaller steps initially to accomplish bigger objectives. Smaller steps include replying to conversations with clients and prospects, conducting competitive analysis, monitoring your brand keywords online, etc. if there is a solid strategy in place, consider how the daily day-to-day activities are aligned with the goals of the strategy.
  4. Metrics are not being measured: It is important to have a key metric that is used to determine if your brand’s social media initiatives are a success or need tweaks. Without metrics your strategy means nothing. The result can make you understand what worked, what did not work, and what needs to change to get positive results.
  5. There is no social media strategy in the first place: Steps like signing up for Twitter or Facebook are great steps but you can’t just post hazardously. Just because you have an account does mean you have a reason to start posting something, that’s not a recommended strategy for posting. We should ask ourselves/the team on do we really have a strategy, if you are not honest, all your hard work means nothing. If you don’t really have a strategy start working on it.

Web design and development

We mainly concentrate on six important aspects of web design and development unlike other digital marketing agencies to keep us unique and reliable. Our designs are of high responsive designs which respond to user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. In simple terms, it has the technology to automatically respond to user’s preferences. We use the best prototyping tools, which is an interactive mock-up of your web design. It is essentially a high-fidelity visual version of the site which allows you to link between screens and demonstrate how the website would work before you are going to build. We usually follow a navigation system based on images: Image-Based Navigation for our website development. If required we can provide a parallax scrolling technique in which the website background moves at a slower pace than the foreground, this results in a 3D effect as the visitor scrolls down the site, adding a sense of depth and creating a more immersive browsing experience. Providing a balanced asymmetrical design is our specialty. The uses of asymmetric design can be wide-ranging. Often the technique is used to create a sense of chaos and confusion. Asymmetric can emphasize motion or action, it’s most frequently used to establish a feeling of dominance and a focal point on the screen. As 90% of users use their mobile phones for browsing we prioritize the mobile-first approach which is nothing but designing or developing an online experience for mobiles before designing for the desktop web or other devices. It is essentially about delivering the right user experience to the right device.

Blogging and Content Marketing

When you are writing content for your business blog it is important to keep few practices in mind, they are linkable, scannable, sociable, searchable. And also 55% of website visitors for companies that blog than those who don’t, 57% of companies that blog report that they have acquired customers from their blog, 88% more leads per month for b2c companies that blog than who doesn’t.

Linkable include links in your articles, sources, and other online channels. Interact with other blogs and link back to your own.

Scannable is nothing but breaking up the text for easy reading. Use images, heading and bold. Make text visually engaging and succinct.

Sociable refers to respond to your comments on your posts. Engage with readers with conversation. Give readers an option to share. Make your readers feel apart from your community.

Searchable is using keywords, tags, and links to improve SEO. Posting your articles on your social channels means more people seeing you, as there is no point in web presence if no one knows you are there.


Search engine optimization plays a vital role in promoting one’s digital business, explaining the efficient ways of how we do SEO is not the scope of this article but we give you a glance of what is not to be ignored while doing SEO. Through SEO we help you to submit your site to search engines. We can build the best strategy for on-page SEO. We develop optimizing page for main keywords. We build backlinks that are the main advantage in SEO. We do content optimization to develop SEO. We provide off-page promotion SEO reporting. We do analyze ranking, and traffic generation to your site. We provide a competitive analysis feature for your website. SEO is something that can help you stand as the prime one in the competition, providing an efficient SEO strategy is the most important thing that any potential customer of a digital marketing Company can least expect from the company. Mastering it can take you to peaks in no time.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate marketing campaigns and activities throughout the entire buyer’s journey. From the initial customer interaction through the post to sales support.

Marketing automation can provide personalization and targeted email marketing, it helps you to identify strong leads, and segments your customer base.

There are six essential steps to follow to be successful in marketing automation. Understand the sales process- For example if your potential customer leaves something in the cart without checkout, reminding them through emails. It is important that you use the sales process to push your leads to become your customers. Understand your customer- To perform marketing automation efficiently it is important to track and maintain relationships of how your customer interacts with your company. To get this job done right, you need a good understanding of who your customers are, what they want from your business, and also what touchpoints they want from your business. Possess your own defined strategy- assure that you know what your customers want before you implement your own marketing automation strategy. Companies that succeed with marketing automation know the steps that customers want to take at each stage of the funnel and can direct customers to these steps. Get ready with the required materials- Marketing automation may require few materials to interact with your customers. Those materials refer to blog posts, e-books, and videos. If you have them already you can use those, if not you need to create them. Create a loop and include everyone in it- Marketing automation is successful when team members communicate with each other to send inputs to one another like a sales team should inform the marketing team about leads that convert, it can use them in lead scoring. And also customer support team should bring the feedback of customers and their challenges to the notice of the marketing team. Test your strategy- you need to analyze and test your strategy to ensure each part of it works at an optimal level. Use data metrics like click-through rates, conversions, time on page, and open rate to discover black holes where you lose more customers than you should. You can also use A/B to discover more effective methods.

Deep Marketing

We offer this Deep marketing service to provide your potential customer with the personalized approach to connect and develop the relationships on a higher level to create a deeper impact of you and your business on them. The major purpose of this service is to build stronger and deeper bonds with your customer so as to promote your personal branding and increase your sales traffic as well simultaneously building deeper roots of you and your brand in their minds.

Funnel Building

The Digital Marketing funnel is the fundamental resource for the success of Marketing. In Digital Marketing Funnel Building is most essential as it’s a strategic model representing the entire buyer’s journey of the personas, from the moment they know you until the time they become your customers.


This Digital Marketing Funnel is normally divided into three sections:


  1. Top of the Funnel (TOFU): Top of the Funnel is where the bulk of your visitors first encounter your online brand. Most of these visitors come to your website (or landing page) through- SEO, SMM, PPC Advertisement.
  2. Middle of the Funnel (MOFU): Whoever comes to the MOFU layer is more invested in their relationship with you. These people are more valuable to you as they decided to opt-in by providing their contact details on your lead page. In return, they will receive a valuable piece of longer-form content or a tool. Also known as lead magnets. Lead magnets are usually eBooks, Tools and Templates, Webinars or Seminars, White Paper, and Videos.
  3. Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU): After you have attracted a strong following of leads and prospects that follow you religiously, you need to find the opportunity to convert them to become your customers. This is where Email Marketing, Remarketing, and Retargeting of your prospects could come in. To convey your leads to customers you can apply strategies like Free Trials, Online assessments, Discount Coupons, and one-on-one Consultation.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the essential strategy of digital marketing which mainly focuses on attracting as many users or customers as possible with as little expenditure as possible.

Successful growth hacking consists of the following steps:

  • Develop a product to directly address the needs of the customer.
  • Get specific goals.
  • Implement methods of tracking results.
  • Test drives your product in the marketplace and measures the results.
  • Using the customer feedback from the above step, refine the product, the pricing strategy, and re-examine the target market as needed.

Facebook ads

Here we are giving you the simple and best Facebook ads framework strategy that works effectively when implementing the way we mentioned.

First and foremost thing to do is to define your objective, when you are ready with your defined objective next is to clearly understand your audience then you are supposed to do competitors analysis and benchmarking now you are halfway through the strategy at this point you need to right format and the right content, you are almost there at this moment one most important thing to do is to integrate the advertising creativity with the overall content strategy and yes you are almost at the end of the strategy one more step to go at this particular point you should define your key performance indicator and finally, you are advised to perform fine refinement. You are not done yet; repeat the above steps until you get to the desired results.

Google Ads

When you are heading on to Google ads you are mainly dealing with the following:

  • Campaigns- Define campaigns by ads budget or target location. What do I want to spend? Where do I want my ads to show?
  • Ad sets- Define ad sets by theme: products, services, line of business, what I am selling?
  • Ads- Create text or image ads, what is my message?
  • Keywords- Build a keyword list on what terms people may use in Google. What are important search terms?

Wrapping up!

Yeah! We are saying goodbye for now to this article, this is how we stand strong and unique by providing the best ever services. From day one till today we are not chasing to be the best one, we are chasing on improving ourselves more, so as to provide the best quality at the same time giving you the great value for what is more than the worth. This is the simple technique we followed, and fortunately, this made us the only one in the competitive digital race. One tip that can help you row your boat sail constantly rather than drowning is- firstly you must put your 100% to understand your customers very well when you know what your customer lacks then you can drive them to the best possible solution.


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