Medical Supply

ZITCO Private Limited (ZPL) is an arm of ZITCO Group of Companies founded in 2016 with 4 lines of businesses and one of them being Consulting and Manufacturing in the Medical Supplies, Import & Export, Trading and Technology sector.

Our companies specializes in pharmaceutical and medical products manufacturing, while ZITCO is focusing on sales, distributions and bulk supplies of our products. We pride ourselves in providing clients with professional service, guaranteed quality and the highest level of efficiency.

Our Products include a wide range of generic medicines disposables and nutraceuticals.

In line with the huge and overwhelming demand for medical supplies needed to help and manage the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation, we are also looking to supply adequate, high-quality disposable and reusable medical supplies including:

  1. PPE Kits
  2. Face Masks
  3. Hand Sanitizers
  4. Infrared Gun thermometers

We would love to bring to your attention that we can supply all the above mentioned medical products, adequately and efficiently, in various qualities according to your preferences. All our products are effective and meet the requisite quality standards.